5 Rhythms Barbara Marlow

Every Thursday Morning
Baby Boomers really enjoy this class. Open to everyone.
10:30 – Noon (Doors close at 10:45)
Barbara Marlowe is the 5R Teacher
Asheville Movement Center
4 Richmond Avenue, Asheville, NC 28806 

Please check the calendar for updated class info. 

DEEP DIVE is a 5Rhythms movement exploration of deep listening.

How can our bodies trust us if we don’t listen? This internal oriented dance is great for all ranges of movement including limited and chair bound. Move at your own speed. Bring dancing shoes and water. Arrive on time. Class starts at 10:30 AM and ends Noon. Doors close at 10:45 AM

Asheville Movement Center
4 Richmond Ave, West Asheville

Barbara teaches a regular Thursday morning class: 5Rhythms® DEEP DIVE. Class starts at 10:30 AM and ends Noon. Doors close at 10:45 AM. Asheville Movement Center 4 Richmond Avenue, Asheville, NC 28806 

She also teaches workshops and provides 5R introductory sessions. Barbara is a member of the 5R Teachers Association and all her classes and workshops qualify for 5R Teacher Training.  Barbara also completed 5Rhythms® Movement Therapy with Andrea Juhan and uses the 5Rhythms to facilitate personal growth in the context of individual therapy and topic-related growth groups.

Barbara is a Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) since 1980 and has worked in gerontology, mental health, trauma, medical social work, pain management, chronic/terminal illness, crisis intervention, stress management, community relations, philanthropy and inspirational speaking.

During her career, she established three non-profit organizations and a hospital-based occupational medicine program; maintained a private clinical practice for 13 years; held management positions in a variety of settings and received training,supervision in Cognitive Hypnosis, EMDR; Therapeutic Touch, Critical Incidence Stress Management, 5Rhythms Movement Therapy and 5RhythmsTeacher Certification.

n the late eighties and as a demographically early-on adaptor baby-boomer, I became interested in the mind/body/soul connections. Early on in my life, I became disconnected from my physical self. In fact, I was afraid of my body as it carried hidden and unwanted memories.

In my mid-forties, it was as if a honing devise was activated and I embarked upon a journey into very own blood and bone; muscles and fascia; physical insults/injuries and the deep desire for bodily pleasure.

Most of all I felt a huge desire to DANCE. I had always been a closet kitchen dancer ~ rocking out to special tunes and lovers while making dinner, organic salad and chocolate cheesecake. However this was different. I suddenly wanted to dance my TRUE and deepest self. I went to barefoot boogies and ecstatic dance. I danced wildly.


When I attended my first 5RHYTHMS workshop, my body started to sing! The invitation to explore my body through the rhythms of my soul, offered a map to dance like myself and to truly come home. Thus, I embarked on an eight year journey of learning more, practicing more and deepening my understanding of the 5RHYTHMS. All my vacations were devoted to taking workshops with trained teachers. I traveled many places to dance in New York, California, London, Scotland and Costa Rica.

As I moved deeper into the practice, I became curious and not afraid to literally ‘move’ into all those places in my body where I had been afraid to go. 5RHYTHMS led to much personal growth and because of this plus having the background as a clinical social worker, I completed extensive in 5RHYTHMS Movement Therapy. Upon completion, I began to offer movement growth groups and stress management movement groups.

It was then I decided I wanted to be a 5RHYTHMS teacher and become formally trained. The teacher training was rigorous, awesome and humbling. Learning exactly how I had been taught to have the tools and discipline to becoming a free spirit has forever changed me.

I have been given a gift and I want to share it.

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